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Current Laws

Political Information and Laws in Brief


Governor Maggie Hassan (D) is pro-choice. 

The New Hampshire House of Representatives is pro-choice.

The New Hampshire State Senate is pro-choice.

The New Hampshire Executive Council is pro-choice. 


Anti Choice Laws:


Abortion Ban

New Hampshire has a ban on a safe abortion procedure that does not lack an adequate exemption for the life of the mother. 


Restrictions on Low-Income Women's Access to Abortion

New Hampshire prohibits funding for abortion for women eligible for state medical assistance for general health care unless the procedure is necessary to preserve her life or the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.  Dep't of Health & Human Servs., Office of Health Management, Medicaid Admin.Bureau, Amount, Duration and Scope of Medical and Remedial Care and Services Provided, Attachment 3.1-A, p. 2-a, 5a (July 1, 1997). 


Restrictions on Young Women's Access to Abortion

New Hampshire law restricts women's access to abortion by requiring minors to notify their parents before obtaining abortion care. 2011 N.H. Laws 205. Find out more about the details of this law here. 


Pro Choice Laws:


Low-Income Access to Family Planning

New Hampshire provides certain low-income women and men increased coverage for Medicaid-funded family-planning services. Find out more, and see if you're eligible, here. 


Contraceptive Equity

New Hampshire is 1 of 28 states that requires health-insurance plans that cover prescription medication to provide equitable coverage for contraception. N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. 415:18-i, 420-A:17-c, 420-B:8-gg (Enacted 1999). Find out more about this law here. 


Emergency Contraception

New Hampshire law improves women's access to emergency contraception (EC). N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. 318:5-a, 318:47-e (Enacted 2005). Find out more here. 


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