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Things You Can Do

Serve on our Board of Directors:
We currently are accepting applications for Board Members for two-year terms on the NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire Board and three-year terms on the NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire Foundation Board. Both boards are accepting members whose terms will begin January 2015. Click here for an application and view the Board Member responsibilities.

Your membership with NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire ensures that your values and voice are represented at the State House. Our effective grassroots lobbying activities to defeat anti-choice legislation and pass pro-active policies that expand access to contraception have earned us a strong reputation as the state's leading grassroots organization.

Small non-profits like ours depend on dedicated supporters like you! Whether it's an hour every week in our office, occasional help with mailings, or joining us for legislative hearings - we need your help. 

By signing up for our pro-choice emails, you'll ensure you never miss an opportunity to take action to protect women's reproductive freedom. 

We need to continue an honest, open conversation about women's abortion stories. Why are you pro-choice? Have you, or someone you know, had an abortion? Telling your story helps other women in similar circumstances, and it could even help to pass pro-choice legislation. 

Every day we share with our supporters local and national news on reproductive rights issues, and ways they can fight back to protect women's health and privacy. 

We are the go-to pro-choice source for live posts during legislative hearings and sessions. 

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